vrijdag 8 november 2013

Apple again nr. 1 in the Booz &Company list of innovative companies, how do they do that, an explanation

First, Apple is not only innovative in inventing disruptive products, it is innovative in disrupting markets. So they not only changing there market (from product developer to app and music seller) they also change there business model. In this way Apple can still profit from this inventions. The question is not, do they invent innovative products, but do they invent new business models. 

The second point is, do they listen to the market/customers or do they have a vision. From the court battle with Samsung we learned that Apple indead listened to the market and did surveys but what do they do with this information? They are constantly capable to re-invent there business and they have the ability to wait with a new 'thing', gadget, business, service till the timing is right. This is the power of Apple. 

What I also like to contribute, Apple is is able to hired the most innovative and brilliant people (what Google and Microsoft do as well) but how does Apple is able to let these brilliant people florish. Is this social innovation? Much research has been done on this aspect, but a new model has't been found. Is this the key?

So inventing innovative products is one, inventing disruptive products is two, finding innovative brilliant people is three and let these people invent disruptive pionering products for disrupting markets is three. How do they do that and are there other companies which can copy this? Google? Tesla? Tata? 

And the main question is, for how long is Apple able to stay tuned and stay resilient to continu being ahead of the rest? And which company can beat them?

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