donderdag 7 september 2017

Living a healthy life, living on fat in stead of carbs

People who know me, know that I, next to my business discoveries, I also do discoveries on health and live a reasonable healthy (and probably a long) life. 
About a year ago I have read the book 'the blue zones' (by Dan Buettner) and watched a Michael Mosley documentary about living longer and healthier (eat, fast and live longer). The blue zones is a scientific discovery of four zones in the world, where people age more a hundred years, the so called centenarions. The conclusion of this research was that it was not only the food that make them live longer and healthier, but also or maybe more, the seniors in these communities are, after there seventies and eighties birthdays, still in the middle of the community. They still count and they still walk, talk, are listened to, are living. On the other hand, they don't eat much, the are living on a 'poor' diet. 

This made me think, why do some people live long and others, especially in the 'civilized' world die because of cancer, alzheimer disease, heart failure, diabetes. The strange fact is, that it does not have something to do with heredity, or god or bad dna, it is the way of living. Than I searched further, and somebody pointed me out the following documentary about fasting: treffpunkt medizin: fasten und heilen altes wissen und neue forchung (via youtube).

What all researches taught me, is that human (and other species) cells, are made to grow, but after you have finished growing, for human around twenty years, your cells should not multiply anymore, but should repair itself. And this hit me the most. There is an hormone called the IGF-1, insulin-like growth factor. Around puberty, the concentration of this hormone is the highest. But after this period, the concentration should not be this high anymore, otherwise it will damage organs, the cells will still grow and replicate. In stead off replicating and growing, cells should repair itselfs. Here is the clou.

Because we have enough food, actually we have an abundance of food in the civilized world, we eat much (I intentionally do not say 'to' much). And because we eat much, this IGF-1 hormone is still high and our cells also live in a world of abundance and are accustomed to replicate and divide. This is key. And there I went on with my research. And read articles, books and watched documentaries about fasting. And then it struck me. Fasting is (like it is also written down in the Bible and the Koran) as old as humanity. And it is for more than one reason like it is written in the holy books, it is also for our health.

If you fast (every now and then) your IGF-1 hormone stops being active, and your cells 'wonder', where is my food and stop replicating and divide and start repairing. This is how it is ment to be.

So then I continued my research. In Germany and Russia, there are clinics where you can have a fasting diet for several weeks, to cure from several chronic diseases. People diagnosed with cancer, Alzheimer disease, diabetes 2, heart failure, where treated there and got out healthy, no medicines needed any longer.

This was a 'wow'-moment. Why is this not common sense and public. The reason is, it was not proven yet, like it should in science regulations.

But there was more. I read on and read the book 'Fat for fuel' by Joseph Mercola. Intriging. What I suspected, was all ready written down and sorted out. We in the west, the so called civilized world are eating wrong. Our eating habits are wrong. Who has ever told and taught us to eat grain, potatoes, rise, pasta and sugar? Why should we eat so much carbohydrates and so less fat? Why should we eat so much anyway? Who came to tell us that we have to eat three meals a day? 

So Mercola and many others, also a hundred years ago, started to do research on this, and found that eating so many carbohydrates and sugar is bad for your health. 

A little explanation: your vessels, muscles, brain, let say all your cells need fuel. Traditional this fuel in your body is glycogen and glucose, this is made from sugar and carbohydrates. But there is an other possibility. You can also live on ketones. This fuel is made out of fat in your body. When you eat to less carbohydrates your body does not have enough glycogen reserves and will start burning body fat. It will always try to have a little reserve on glucose and proteins. If these reserves are out your body will burn muscle proteins. So you need to supplement the body fat with fat and proteins, and not with carbohydrates.

The striking thing here is, that if you live on a fat diet, you do not have to eat so much carbohydrates. Actually, you almost do not have to eat carbohydrates at all, you will end up in a state of ketose, and will burn fat for fuel. 

So if you live on this fat for fuel diet, lets call it life style, it even better for your health. Research has found that living on this life style it will protect you from diabetes 2, Alzheimer disease, heart failure, cancer and maybe even Mutiple Sclerose (but this is not proven yet).

My question was, why hasn't this been pubic knowledge yet? Perhaps it will in a few month or years, even the popular Dutch news website published an article on it on september 4th (to day).
Two reasons, the food lobby is not a sponsor. I think, they do not know how to handle this. This is also the second reason: will there be enough food in the world if everybody will be living on fat in stead on carbohydrates? Or the other way around: by then, we will not consume enough anymore, what will this do to the stock markets of the food industry?

I am living on fat and proteins (so no potatoes, bread, grains, rise, sugar) for almost six weeks now, and I feel very healthy, have enough energy, lost weight, and do not have the hungry feeling for sugar or cookies anymore. I lost my addiction for candy, coockies, potatoes and bread. I did not measure my blood sugar level, I am pretty curious about this, but as long I feel fine, I do not worry or care.

Just one disadvantage, beer is mostly made af grains, so more carbohydrates than fat. So no more nice fancy beers anymore.