donderdag 17 oktober 2013

Money and war, so they does fit together...

Wow, so this is how it works, investment, war, restructuring and deals by formal presidents: the Carlyle group. It's so simple to make a huge amount of money, just hire the right people.
The Carlyle group just found a few investers in the first place. They did not settel in fancy New York, but in Washington DC. They hired old politicions, they knew how the dogs cry. Then invest in war machine companies which are cheap at that moment, let the politics buy your stuff, go to war, invest in telecom and infrastructure construction companies and other companies that will profit in after war time and buy them for almost nothing. Win the war, sell the warcraft company, earn of huge amount of money, arange in the politics in the formal war aray that your company can rebuild the infrastucture and telecoms. And when these companies make lots of profit sell them for hundred of millions of dollars.

 It's so simpel: the Carlyle group: a documentary by backlight (tegenlicht) Wow!

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